Management gurus

There is huge amount of management crap nowadays: various books, theories, groups, associations, webinars and etc… But it seems that there are very interesting places where we can learn how to organize companies and which management practices to apply. Recently I stumbled upon one article in Wikipedia with a strange name Dabbawala – The […]

Sustainable pace

I’ve read interesting article about sustainable pace recently. The more we use Scrum as a framework for our development approach the more i feel importance of sustainable pace, especially on organizational level. Here is one article on this topic on Scum Alliance website – Is sustainable pace just a nice to have? Definitely not! Some ideas how to keep sustainable […]

How to split user stories

This topic is always a problem. And main thing is not about user stories, but about achieving the common     understanding of things among team members, product owner and stakeholders. That’s why it is important to find the best way how stories should look like and how to split them in case if they […]

Fictional story

A: How is your Scrum adoption? B: Oh, we are doing just great. It’s the 25th sprint already !… A: Great! Are you satisfied with Scrum? B: Well, not really … neither the users nor the operations department is happy. Maybe that is because we only release once a year? A: Why don’t you release […]

“The Five Stages of Change adoption”

If you ever tried to apply any kind of change anywhere you should have faced certain difficulties. And success of change adoption depends on understanding how people react and what actions are taken. But in any case it’s difficult and requires a lot of patience, communication and trust. While participating and/or observing various changes I […]