Questions to start interesting discussion

What would be you answers to these questions if you colleague would ask you? What decisions are difficult for you? Do you have enough information? What’s going well? What’s not going well? What do you want me to do more of? What do you want me to do less of?

My notes from #Stoos

Management is DEAD! Or Organize for complexity Build teams with specialties that can deliver value Build silos not based on specialties, but value creation There must be something behind targets, not just numbers (higher value) To achieve best results – focus on people first Through away hierarchical structure, but work only with value creation structure […]

20% of Time for innovation

Is it easy to spend 20% of time on innovation and stuff that developers really like to do? I think definitely not and the success is not guaranteed … When can a developer take his time? What restrictions are there about what can and can’t be done in that time? How do people manage their […]

“The Five Stages of Change adoption”

If you ever tried to apply any kind of change anywhere you should have faced certain difficulties. And success of change adoption depends on understanding how people react and what actions are taken. But in any case it’s difficult and requires a lot of patience, communication and trust. While participating and/or observing various changes I […]

Scrum, Kanban is your goal? – NO

Before implementing any Agile framework like Scrum, Kanban – make sure you understand your goal. Recently was reading one thread in AgileRussia forum with following comment: “I am aiming to achieve SCRUM”. Hm.. Are you sure that process itself is your goal? Sometimes it feels that people are more concerned about the process rather than […]