When things can get slow?

When all decision making goes only via “Path I” _green_ people  a) become a bottleneck b) don’t know details, so either have to trust or c) start asking questions to understand by delaying things even more. Is it possible to leverage the power of “Path II” and make things faster? Set expectations, provide success criteria, boundaries (time, […]

Delegate decision making

But don’t do it without telling what you delegate identifying constraints/limits/waterline knowing what do you want to achieve setting principles providing information  Otherwise involved people will have tons of meetings to verify options involve even more people start gathering information _they_ think is needed

Organizational design – problems

I want to share my view on what problems are created by functional departments and hierarchical structure. Only organizing your company around value can solve these problems. But for that you need to have a bit different view on things and another level of transparency. Every team must know how they “earn money” (in quotes […]

Agile Saturday X – Metrics

Continue sharing notes from Agile Estonia event – http://agile.ee/ Previous post about Staff Liquidity Metrics Lagging metrics – the ones you can’t affect [e.g. weight] Leading metrics – the ones you can affect [e.g. what food you take] The best way to influence the team is to visualize the data Avoid vanity metrics. Use AARRR metrics: Acquisition […]