Biases – how do you overcome them?

The list of biases that sound very familiar to many of us: Representative bias leads to a snap judgment on a question based on its apparent similarity to an earlier matter. Cognitive dissonance leads to an avoidance of uncomfortable facts that contradict one’s convictions. Home country bias and familiarity bias lead to an avoidance of […]


Fivetran founder and CEO George Fraser explains how and why the pipelines that move data from source to storage — both data lake and data warehouse — have changed from the often custom and cumbersome process of ETL (extract-transform-load) to the more standardized and scalable ELT (extract-load-transform). We use to enable easy access to […]

Definition of Value

You do something valuable if your clients perceive following: A problem of theirs is solved or minimized An opportunity they desire is seized, maximized or enabled That they are happy What (if any) is missing in such description? POD_framework_0.3 updated.

Danger of simplification

“Where simplifications fail, causing most damage, is when something nonlinear is simplified with the linear as a substitute.” (from the book – That’s why project management, scientific management, planning 5 years ahead and similar things should be used as a tool at maximum, not way of thinking. Thinking should be based on principles (e.g. 12 […]

Negotiation – value and common ground

Stumbled upon couple of terms related to negotiations. Adding to my good stuff library and sharing it with you. IMHO, very interesting concepts which can help to keep discussions constructive and encourage to for win/win situation. I. Find common ground and red lines “Indaba” (pronounced IN-DAR-BAH), and is used to simplify discussions between many parties. An indaba is […]