High level estimate for any project

Set up a dart board. Each point on the dart board represents $1M (1-20). The rings represent the following: The bulls eye is $100k The ring around the bullseye is $300k The next ring out is .6x The outer ring is .8x Take three darts and aim for the bullseye. Average the scores of the three […]

Largest impediments

Have you ever thought about the largest impediments while working according Scrum? I personally encountered following largest impediments with teams i was working. Story points and relative estimation We realized that it is very difficult to separate time and size while making estimates for specific tasks. Another problem related to this issue is trying to […]

User stories – size of story points

How to improve estimation with story points? Story size before sprint Keeping stories small is very important. Keeping them substantially smaller in size than the Sprint length is very important. Keeping them about the same size is somewhat important. Story size after sprint When something takes /more time/ than estimated, there is learning to be […]