APIs are important part of (network) organization

As network organization is evolutionary and must be constantly adjusted to actual value being delivered you must have evolutionary architecture. Both approaches are aimed to decompose “Big Ball of Mud …” Even though i think it is essential for network organisation company structured in any way will benefit from this type of product architecture. You can read […]

Negotiation – value and common ground

Stumbled upon couple of terms related to negotiations. Adding to my good stuff library and sharing it with you. IMHO, very interesting concepts which can help to keep discussions constructive and encourage to for win/win situation. I. Find common ground and red lines “Indaba” (pronounced IN-DAR-BAH), and is used to simplify discussions between many parties. An indaba is […]

Hints for myself

Stumbled upon while was reviewing my notes. Notes were with a funny titles “Hints for myself” (unfortunately can’t remember where i read it, so can’t refer to the source) Manage Your Mood Don’t Check Email in The Morning Before You Try To Do It Faster, Ask Whether It Should Be Done At All Focus Is […]

Make it difficult to hire a manager

Here is the article that shows how managers create more work for others, but necessarily contribute to value creation – http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/06/the-true-cost-of-hiring-yet-another-manager/ A large software company we worked with recently eliminated more than 40% of its supervisors, ensuring that the people who actually develop the product aren’t overburdened with managers and other functionaries. Seems to be that idea (mentioned […]