Why teams don’t work

Very good article about Teams performance by J. Richard Hackman http://econ.au.dk/fileadmin/Economics_Business/Currently/Events/PhDFinance/Kauttu_Why-Teams-Dont-Work-by-J.-Richard-Hackman.pdf Mistakes Managers Make Use a Team for Work That Is Better Done by Individuals Call the Performing Unit a Team but Really Manage Members as Individuals Fall Off the Authority Balance Beam Dismantle Existing Organizational Structures So That Teams Will Be Fully “Empowered”to Accomplish […]


When you start defining too many rules. Be aware that people might start working according them! Work-to-rule is an industrial action in which employees are entitled to do no more than the minimum required by the rules of their contract, and precisely follow all safety or other regulations, which may cause a slowdown or decrease […]

Planning method – Syntegration

Very interesting work about new tool which claims to produce best possible results when working with a large group. As author states – “Highly pragmatic and innovative tool for knowledge sharing, consensus building and conflict resolution whenever a large number of people is involved: in business, in politics and in every societal body, panel or committee.” Link to original – http://www.jucs.org/jukm_0_1/stafford_beers_syntegration_as/nittbaurb.pdf […]

Answers and Questions

Giving answers and suggestions is very tempting especially when you join a team temporarily as there is obvious time constraint and normally you are there for a reason. Answers can be easily misunderstood because of established behavior, knowledge and etc. I prefer questions first and typically focus on a couple of areas: How do you […]

How do i manage?

What manager does? Their main focus is not on people performance and their efficiency, not about rules or KPIs. These are tools that are selected or built with your team. Instead their focus is on value creation, environment and principles. Want to share ideas how i manage for some reasons: it might be helpful to others it […]