Discipline and Agile

Working agile means you need to be more disciplined, not less! Think it’s one of the main reasons why is it so difficult to implement Scrum in a team (not speaking about whole organization). Here are several aspects: Estimation and planning Iteration planning with clients Daily follow-up with a whole team Iterative reviews of results and […]

Part 3: When and Why to Fire a Scrum Master? – Planning and Analysis

Previous post about Decision making can be found here. Let’s continue comparison. Long term vs Short term planning When you watch teams playing serious tournaments every game is not played like the Finals. In addition world-class teams participate in more than one tournament. Do you think it’s possible to win Bundesliga, domestic Cup and Champions […]

Protection can lead your team to a comfort zone

Protection can lead your team to a comfort zone instead of desired process improvement. Who is better to get your team out from comfort zone? Market or ScrumMaster? What is “Comfort Zone”? Wikipedia says: The comfort zone is a behavioural state within which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviours to deliver a […]

Retrospective of retrospectives

Situation Problem: most SMs are really only meetings facilitators, which is not cool and not effective; it also doesn’t allow reusing all power of Scrum framework. Goal: Make SM a person who challenges the team and helps them to improve. Actions: Happiness index metrics, with approach of implementing improvements (or problems solving) in next sprints […]

No problem is the biggest problem

I hear one interesting sentence today. No problem is the biggest problem. You are in trouble if you notice following in your team: 1. no impediments 2. velocity is not changing (growing) There is always room for improvements. Make sure you are not in stagnation and keep seeking for change.