High level estimate for any project

Set up a dart board. Each point on the dart board represents $1M (1-20). The rings represent the following: The bulls eye is $100k The ring around the bullseye is $300k The next ring out is .6x The outer ring is .8x Take three darts and aim for the bullseye. Average the scores of the three […]

Vacations – good period to verify your team

Summer time is a great time to relax and re-energize yourself. Overall output reduces a bit due to team members leave (good that it is temporary J). There are various ways how teams decide to use their vacation: Whole team goes for a vacation Only part of the team goes for a vacation at a […]

20% of Time for innovation

Is it easy to spend 20% of time on innovation and stuff that developers really like to do? I think definitely not and the success is not guaranteed … When can a developer take his time? What restrictions are there about what can and can’t be done in that time? How do people manage their […]

Time boxes?!…

Why timeboxes? Today I completely understood the reason of timeboxed meetings in Scrum. Apparently its as simple as framework itself…  It is especially easy to notice when you observe new teams. Most new teams do not fit into planning time box. Not experienced scrum master and product owner will make all effort to continue planning and fit […]

Agile Day

When everybody is talking about Agile frameworks everybody tries to focus on various practices related to planning, development, requirements split and etc. But all this means nothing when you forget about personal responsibility and time management. All talks about commitments, time boxes, reviews and retrospectives is nothing when you are not able to manage you […]