Agile requirements

Ask teams not to document requirements or describe everything in details. Instead of that ask them to document the decisions they made while coming to an agreement about requirements. It might sound the same, but writing down “why” is more important than “what” because it helps you better understand the product and learn. Documentation has […]

Customer focus is not equal market focus ?

Being a customer driven and customer oriented is very good. This approach allows you to meet your customer’s expectations. And what can be better than happy customer? 🙂 But there is a question: Is it enough only to meet the expectations? Probably not. And my opinion is based on following reasons: Fulfilling expectation often means that […]

WHAT and HOW? View from Product Owner perspective …

There is always a discussion during sprint planning sessions about requirements and design, what and how and etc. It seems to be that difference between WHAT and HOW is not always clear for team members and as my experience shows require exact definition within team. By the way, I assume that it might differ from […]

Integrations with 3d party systems: what not to forget

I am leading integration projects recently, so decided to look for best practices of what must be done/clarified to make integration successfull. Accidentally i was given a book to read – Software Requirement Patterns (Best Practices) by Stephen Withall In Chapter 5 there is an overview of what is important for integration projects. All integrations […]