Agile and Lean meets IT

Was making presentation about how we were transforming IT into service type instead of control type. Conclusions Imagine you have to earn money. Perfectly shifts away your thinking away from “cost efficiency”. Avoid broad terms. Too much room for interpretation. Control scope. Be explicit about what you can do. Say “no” to things you can’t. […]

Agile Saturday X – Metrics

Continue sharing notes from Agile Estonia event – Previous post about Staff Liquidity Metrics Lagging metrics – the ones you can’t affect [e.g. weight] Leading metrics – the ones you can affect [e.g. what food you take] The best way to influence the team is to visualize the data Avoid vanity metrics. Use AARRR metrics: Acquisition […]

12 Principles of new organization

How are these principles applied in your company? Do you have modern management system? Let me know if you want to discuss this more or have any practical hints how to move that direction in the company with more than 5 people. Leadership Orientation towards client – teams are seeking highest clients satisfaction level rather […]

Software engineering in the 21st century

Listened to a very interesting talk by Alistair Cockburn  – I Come to Bury Agile, Not to Praise It. It goes to my bookmarks. Here is the screenshot of the last slide that describes what was the talk about.