Network structure – first Q&A

Previous post (Network Structure – Why?) raised some questions among people i distributed this draft to. Basically it was about how exactly it could work in a real world? Some people also indicated that you need to have lots of leaders in order this would work… I guess it’s true. Link to a v0.2 document. Feel free to comment. […]

Agile Saturday X – Metrics

Continue sharing notes from Agile Estonia event – Previous post about Staff Liquidity Metrics Lagging metrics – the ones you can’t affect [e.g. weight] Leading metrics – the ones you can affect [e.g. what food you take] The best way to influence the team is to visualize the data Avoid vanity metrics. Use AARRR metrics: Acquisition […]

Team metrics: who and why needs them?

Why do I need metrics? I am not working very close with teams on daily basis recently and it’s not so easy to gather information in order to take actions or discuss priorities. But I need data to have an overview on important areas in the department, foresee problems and understand how I can help. […]

Shout out: Metrics

If you think about metrics as a way of being tracked than you will always find a way how to game it… Try to see it as a measure of self improvement, like a sportsmen who are measuring certain things to understand when they reach peak performance!