#75 out of 100

Although i am not acting as Agile coach or trainer but surprisingly listed here – 100 Top Agile Blogs in 2015.  Happy and proud to be among great people of agile community. It will definitely encourage me to continue sharing my ideas and thoughts about how to organize work in a company to keep Agile mindset even when you […]

Growth and Cost pressure are the same

Cost pressure and growth pressure can be harmful in the same way. Both these things may push you towards efficiency and centralization. Avoid that. It kills innovation and introduce rules. Decentralize. Don’t question if it needs to be done. Find out your way – http://agilemindstorm.com/2015/04/20/network-structure-choose/    

Want to learn – explain

Want to learn a topic – try to explain it to others. Actually I underestimated this practice or idea I heard from teachers in school and university. But had a chance to prove myself wrong. Several conversations I had recently regarding value structure helped me to understand what things needs to be done and which […]

Hate goals?

Hate goal statements? I can guess why. They are long, boring and contain lots of buzz words. But here is nice example from Nike in this article. Article also covers more aspects of Lean Manufacturing at Nike Nike has 2 overarching goals in their strategy: Make Today Better Design the Future Pretty simple and can easily be […]

Agile Saturday X – Staff liquidity

I visited another great event organized by Estonian Agile community – http://agile.ee/. It was pretty much great event with interesting topics. Even though my notes are taken out from the context and include my thoughts also, I still think they might inspire you for new ideas and improvements in your company. I will continue with notes in further […]