Amateur Product Manager – PoC

When you don’t have metrics and measured capacity it’s very easy to miss the point when you need to throw away your PoC and introduce changes into architecture, technology, backlog.

Delegate decision making

But don’t do it without telling what you delegate identifying constraints/limits/waterline knowing what do you want to achieve setting principles providing information  Otherwise involved people will have tons of meetings to verify options involve even more people start gathering information _they_ think is needed

2 seconds improvements and Visualization

2 seconds improvements are very important but it’s very difficult to see the value in a long-term as such actions are focused on small and early wins. Visualization has certain power in it. it helps to see things in perspective.  Sticky notes, paper and marker comes to the rescue. Simple visualisation how doing small things […]

2 seconds kaizen: actions

When you are running an open space discussion there is often a follow up by each group at the end. Normally each team presents some kind of actions that they are going to implement afterwards. BUT! I recently did one simple thing as facilitator. When discussions came to an end and it was time to […]

2 seconds management kaizen: communication

Communication is not always about bureaucratic bullshit, policies, sharing info that someone joined or left the company or other pleasant things. Sometimes it’s about problems! How do you communicate when something critical for you business is happening? In this case involve everybody into a message if you really think it is serious. Everybody must understand […]