Answers and Questions

Giving answers and suggestions is very tempting especially when you join a team temporarily as there is obvious time constraint and normally you are there for a reason. Answers can be easily misunderstood because of established behavior, knowledge and etc. I prefer questions first and typically focus on a couple of areas: How do you […]

Product Manager

– What are your responsibilities? – Who are your stakeholders? What techniques would you use to balance to balance out needs? – How these are different: urgent and important? – How will you roll out in Thailand? – How and what to measure? – What is success? – What is value? – How to ensure […]

Question everything

There are tons of books where you can read about power of questions – how they are important, how they can help. Questions are powerful for following reasons: demand answers stimulate thinking give us valuable information put us in control get people to open up lead to quality listening get people to sell themselves Questions […]

Questions to start interesting discussion

What would be you answers to these questions if you colleague would ask you? What decisions are difficult for you? Do you have enough information? What’s going well? What’s not going well? What do you want me to do more of? What do you want me to do less of?

Questions with no answers

Here are some questions that keep bothering me: Do you need managers or management? Do you need testers or testing? Do you need technical writer or documentation? Do you need process or solution? Do you need support tester or feedback from clients? Decisions really depend on answers. And we often fall into creating a bottleneck…