Network structure – 11 lessons learned

1. Autonomous & multifunctional teams Having all necessary skills in one place allows you to have hyper performing teams able to handle complex tasks. This can be achieved if such environment is created for teams: Ability to make decisions on a timely manner and with maximum return on value Technical and organizational autonomy to deliver […]

Constraints On Effective Product Development

Organising yourself as a network of multi-dependent teams helps to solve following constraints and increase effectiveness of product development Functional Teams People from different functional areas must be a part of the same team to eliminate all possible “cross departments” activities Toyota have long eliminated this constraint through their Obeya concept, and unique matrix structure. Capacity of Bottlenecks […]

Network structure – it works

It was a long journey of trying to understand what organisational structure is best for dynamic growth, experiments, agility and change. Value structure – showing benefits of different type of organisation in numbers Organizational design – problems  – explaining what type of problems are introduced with hierarchical growth and why functional departments are not good. Org. design: value structure Highlights […]

Planning vs Plan

We always want to know future especially when it’s related to delivery of complex software projects. I personally failed in making plans almost always in my career, but improved myself in planning: setting boundaries, watching trends, adjusting often, planning very little ahead, changing direction completely and more… Also realised that creating too much overhead in formalizing plans and decision making slows you […]

How do i manage?

What manager does? Their main focus is not on people performance and their efficiency, not about rules or KPIs. These are tools that are selected or built with your team. Instead their focus is on value creation, environment and principles. Want to share ideas how i manage for some reasons: it might be helpful to others it […]