Network structure – 11 lessons learned

1. Autonomous & multifunctional teams Having all necessary skills in one place allows you to have hyper performing teams able to handle complex tasks. This can be achieved if such environment is created for teams: Ability to make decisions on a timely manner and with maximum return on value Technical and organizational autonomy to deliver […]

APIs are important part of (network) organization

As network organization is evolutionary and must be constantly adjusted to actual value being delivered you must have evolutionary architecture. Both approaches are aimed to decompose “Big Ball of Mud …” Even though i think it is essential for network organisation company structured in any way will benefit from this type of product architecture. You can read […]

Network organization in a nutshell

Important Build multi-functional team. Pick up the problem/challenge/value. Define whom it’s important for. Define dependencies. Define success/failure criteria. Slice it. Prepare. Make. Give it to the world. Retrieve & analyze feedback. Keep #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 – cycle short. Depends (not important) Process you use – less is more. underestimated cost of spreading heavyweight process accross users. Tools you use […]

#75 out of 100

Although i am not acting as Agile coach or trainer but surprisingly listed here – 100 Top Agile Blogs in 2015.  Happy and proud to be among great people of agile community. It will definitely encourage me to continue sharing my ideas and thoughts about how to organize work in a company to keep Agile mindset even when you […]