Chaos Report, Agile and your company

I’ve never read Chaos Report before, but heard a lot about it. So decided to find out what it is all about. Not sure if this is THE one, but i managed to find document with word chaos in the title dated 2010. 🙂 This was extremely interesting reading. This document lists all typical problems […]

Scrum, Kanban is your goal? – NO

Before implementing any Agile framework like Scrum, Kanban – make sure you understand your goal. Recently was reading one thread in AgileRussia forum with following comment: “I am aiming to achieve SCRUM”. Hm.. Are you sure that process itself is your goal? Sometimes it feels that people are more concerned about the process rather than […]

Notes from Agile event

Agile events are interesting because of the only reason – meeting people and hearing their opinions. Everything else you can find in books. I’ve been to AgileRigaDay at the start of March and made some notes listening to key speakers – Importance of Feedback (Ola Elnestam) It’s important not to give feedback, but act based […]

Scrum is only an iterative approach – Part II

The provocative statement from my previous post was posted into the Scrum Alliance forum. And i got very interesting answers. I decided that these answers are very correct and worth sharing. And I must admit these answers helped me to clarify some issues which probably are not so obvious at the first glance. Please see […]

Scrum is only an iterative approach

Don’t you think that Scrum is pretty much the same as RUP, XP and other iterative software development approaches? And the only difference among them is the number predefined rules to follow. For example RUP has the most, Kanban has the least. But no matter which iterative approach you are planning to use you need […]