Notes from Agile event

Agile events are interesting because of the only reason - meeting people and hearing their opinions. Everything else you can find in books.
I’ve been to AgileRigaDay at the start of March and made some notes listening to key speakers -

Importance of Feedback (Ola Elnestam)

It’s important not to give feedback, but act based on it!

If you have to prove your customer that certain (read agile/lean/…) development approach is better than another, than it is something wrong in your relations!

What is Agility? (Vasco Duarte)

I am Agile - what does it mean to you?

  • Don’t fight who is more Agile! It’s just doesn’t make sense. Think about value!
    • Do you feel Agile in you projects?
  • If you perform certain practices like stand-up, sprints and etc… does it mean that you are Agile now?

Note: Main difference between Agile and Waterfall projects is sense of responsibility:

  • In Agile environment people take responsibility for what they do
  • In waterfall - no one knows anything

Agile and Lean (Joakim Sundén)

Scrum vs Kanban - NO… Scrum and Kanban!
Kanban focuses on flow mainly, make your flow as short as possible.
Understand how the work works!

Key values of Kanban - stimulate a conversation with WIP (work in progress) and visualization of work.
Some things to remember about Kanban:

  • No celebration in Kanban
    • Hm, just do it. No one says you can’t.
  • You can have time box for each WIP
  • Don’t use Kanban as an excuse for failed SCRUM
  • Stop starting things, start finishing…

Agile adoption (Zuzana Sochova)

Most difficult things in agile adoption:

  • Story Points
  • Test driven development
  • Pair programming

Things to remember about Agile:

  • Communication is everything
  • Involve everyone and make sure everyone understands Agile
  • Make collaborative culture

Before implementing Agile decide the following:

  • Where you are
  • Where do you want to go
  • If you are ready for change

Adoption will work if you:

  • Believe in culture/people
  • Embrace change and overcome resistance
  • Have willingness to take risks
  • Have desire for agile methods

Don’t sell Agile as DOGMA!

p.s. don’t sell anything as dogma