Biases – how do you overcome them?

The list of biases that sound very familiar to many of us: Representative bias leads to a snap judgment on a question based on its apparent similarity to an earlier matter. Cognitive dissonance leads to an avoidance of uncomfortable facts that contradict one’s convictions. Home country bias and familiarity bias lead to an avoidance of […]

Network structure – 11 lessons learned

1. Autonomous & multifunctional teams Having all necessary skills in one place allows you to have hyper performing teams able to handle complex tasks. This can be achieved if such environment is created for teams: Ability to make decisions on a timely manner and with maximum return on value Technical and organizational autonomy to deliver […]

External provider

When do you use external service provider? I tried following: To provide commodity infrastructure services – in progress, think will work Commercial offerings without mixing in people from your company (defined scope and budget) – failed Fast experiments to validate options (no integration with platform, no involvement of internal people) – success Commercial offerings with heavily involving […]

Constraints On Effective Product Development

Organising yourself as a network of multi-dependent teams helps to solve following constraints and increase effectiveness of product development Functional Teams People from different functional areas must be a part of the same team to eliminate all possible “cross departments” activities Toyota have long eliminated this constraint through their Obeya concept, and unique matrix structure. Capacity of Bottlenecks […]

#75 out of 100

Although i am not acting as Agile coach or trainer but surprisingly listed here – 100 Top Agile Blogs in 2015.  Happy and proud to be among great people of agile community. It will definitely encourage me to continue sharing my ideas and thoughts about how to organize work in a company to keep Agile mindset even when you […]