My notes from #Stoos

Management is DEAD! Or Organize for complexity

  • Build teams with specialties that can deliver value
  • Build silos not based on specialties, but value creation
  • There must be something behind targets, not just numbers (higher value)
  • To achieve best results - focus on people first
  • Through away hierarchical structure, but work only with value creation structure and informal structure
  • Way to success: decentralize decision making, make managers lazy (not doing actual work), managers must support teams & help innovate, empower teams
  • It is not important what is different, but what is common

Random notes

  • How to encourage improvement/innovation? If you make yourself obsolete, you get a raise and/or career opportunities
  • Goal - Give one level up goals to achieve higher overview. One factory manager should care about all factories
  • Communication - Share real stories and messages, it helps to engage people
  • How to keep focus while introducing changes - Find things that require least effort, but give you maximum impact. After you found this - focus on those things!
  • Why projects fail? If root cause is out of the scope of a project (or team, or ..), than it is not fixed. Managers must help team to view big picture and act on these problems
  • Communication - Integrate knowledge sources with decision making. It is often disconnected.
  • Powerful question is the one that kicks off habits and moves to new way of thinking: open, simple, personalized. You can’t predict answer, because questions are difficult, both for listener and who asks that question.
  • Hints for retrospectives:
    • Count to 20 when you are waiting for the answer. If no answer, count to 20 again. (nice :))
    • If you ask bold question and everybody is silent, you must simply ask - “What is going on?”
    • If you want powerful questions to be asked/answered you have to create safe environment
    • Sometimes people are too polite and are trying to frame questions into a lot of words. Questions must be laconic
    • Talking about positive things is a must during retrospectives. you shouldn’t talk only about bad stuff

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