Sustainable pace

I’ve read interesting article about sustainable pace recently. The more we use Scrum as a framework for our development approach the more i feel importance of sustainable pace, especially on organizational level.

Here is one article on this topic on Scum Alliance website - Is sustainable pace just a nice to have? Definitely not!

Some ideas how to keep sustainable pace on a team level:

1. No time sheets, no fixed working hours, not even a suggestion that you are “required” to work 8 hours a day. Set expectations about what people are supposed to deliver.
2. Focus rather on getting things done than being busy. If you are having a pointless day go home. If you are on fire and getting things done - keep going. To paraphrase Kent Beck “every hour at the office that you don’t want to be there is overtime”
3. No work on weekends
4. Do Fedex days, learning sessions. Any other activities that are not related to daily tasks.