How to split user stories

split user storyThis topic is always a problem. And main thing is not about user stories, but about achieving the common     understanding of things among team members, product owner and stakeholders. That’s why it is important to find the best way how stories should look like and how to split them in case if they are too big and ambiguous.

Common story problems:

  • Stories cover too much
  • Stories have too much dependencies
  • Stories do not clearly explain what user wants

Splitting stories lets us separate the parts that are of high value from those of low value, so we can spend our time on the valuable parts of a feature. (Occasionally, we have to go the other way as well, combining stories so they become big enough to be interesting.) There’s usually a lot of value in getting a minimal, end-to-end solution present, then filling in the rest of the solution…

While browsing an internet i found some great link about this: