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Watching objectified film generated lots of insights for myself about product design - https://youtu.be/HlT611TFJvk objectified

People are talking about physical objects, but lots of good things can be applied to software development either.

Here is the definition of a Good design provided by Dieter Rams:

  • must be innovative
  • must make product useful
  • is aesthetic design
  • will make product understandable
  • is honest
  • is unobtrusive
  • is long-lived
  • is consistent in every detail
  • is environmentally friendly
  • is as little design as possible

Also during a film you notice such repetitive behaviour of those who design products:

  • how much time they spend on prove of concepts, so it would be possible make changes easier and cheaper, try things out and gather feedback
  • keep asking the question if this is going to solve the problem of the user
  • desire to design things that get better with use
  • desire to create products that reflect users behaviour, not trying to change it
  • desire to understand users context. getting out of the room concept

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