Display Ads vs Search Ads OR Display Ads + Search Ads

Many advertisers always need to make a decision - should they use display advertising or search engine advertising. Both have it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Display advertising is still used to achieve brand awareness and attract customers to buy things, but these do not always deliver the best return on investment. In order to improve it advertisers try to target display ads, based on geographical location, time scheduling and etc.

But, there is a common believe that Search engine advertising delivers a better return on investment since it is cheaper and targeting seems to be better here. (IMHO: social ads outstands these both on this aspect)

But it is obvious that combination of both advertising approachs can bring you best results:
1. Combining statistics from search campaigns with the statistics from display campaigns will allow to split advertisment budget more effectivelly
2. With the help of tracking campaigns you can easily measure effectiveness of campaigns (f.ex. make better decision for “last click” measurement; path to lead)
3. increase visitor traffic to your website more effectivelly (with the help of better targeting)

Also we shouldn’ forget about social medias (Facebook, Twitter and others)… By the way - check out this ad server 🙂

2 thoughts on “Display Ads vs Search Ads OR Display Ads + Search Ads”

  1. You can use both to your advantage. Paid search does help bring visitors to your site, but it can be even more effective when used with a display retargeting campaign. For example, search gets them there, but what if they leave without converting? Retargeting attracts them back after they have just left by displaying your banners on the next sites they visit.

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