How APIs can help?

APIs help to identify value. API discussions are very valuable when you think about organisational structure. Think about your organisation while reading hints below:

  • Decoupled UI allows you to have different workflows while core logic stays the same
  • Can use 3d party software
  • Easier to delegate to non-domain experts
  • Easier to communicate with other teams & hide certain complexity of specific components
  • Less meetings and communication problems for technical people
  • Decoupling from others. API is like a street - you set the rules and others can use it
  • Simplify UI -> others can do it
  • It helps to sell the product, as you are focused!
  • You can give away the boring stuff and focus on what’s important
  • You can construct things faster, like a LEGO!
  • You can experiment faster with features
  • You can experiment with business model

APIs give you technical agility and allow to grow and experiment faster - how organize a company, how to build stuff. But it’s not easy…