Network Structure: Use verbs to describe your service

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we often focus on results and this drives our behaviour - setting targets and metrics, evaluating performance and etc. But is it always right thing to do? Isn’t action is the thing that describes you service much better?

Couple examples from the top of my head:

  • Zero bugs vs Keep customers happy
    • it’s not only zero bugs that will keep you happy
  • Simple ui workflow vs Help user to do the job faster
    • why to keep it simple?
  • High velocity vs Deliver right things on time
    • working fast and delivering random stuff is not needed
  • Files Storage API vs Will keep your files safe, synced, and easy to share
    • which one would you approach first?
  • Taxi Service vs You’ll get a driver in less than 5 minutes
    • there are lots of taxis now
  • SettingHadoop cluster vs Store and retrieve any data you want
    • the second one just explains it better

Why it’s better and more fun? Because verbs:

  • help you better define what problem you are actually solving. early defined deliverables (names of the service) are not necessarily the right ones and you will have to iterate through couple of versions
  • force you to think how actually you are going to solve the problem
  • describe service better as reflect “why” part
  • help you to differentiate yourself
  • help you to start a conversation with your “client”

And all these are very important for network structure as you need to understand easily who can provide what services to you (including yourself)

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