Do you measure?

statsIf you are watching football you can find lot’s of stats available about different aspects of the game: personal info about each player, movement of the whole team, shots and much more. Here is one example about shots that Belgium made in second half (picture is taken from here)

But for some reasons it’s not always a case in software development and often focus shifts towards # of errors with common tools: Jira, Bugzilla and etc. Those teams who work according Scrum use burndown charts and velocity.

But is it enough to make conscious decision in the future and decide on further product improvements?

So, should we learn from football and think of more things to consider in a daily teams’ life? Some examples from the top of my head:

  • Maximum capacity
  • Time that user spends with your solution to solve his problem
  • Growth of technical debt
  • Where users spend most of their time
  • Response times
  • Users behaviour patterns per page, per component

What do you measure?

p.s. from previous post: one of the Scrum Master responsibilities is to radiate information.

p.p.s. Can you go even more crazy than that? Castrol Rankings Index