Employee and Employer. Login 2014 “discussion”

Apologies for those who came to listen for a discussion and wanted to hear some thoughts and ideas around the topic, but not list of benefits and locations of offices.

Not sure if made myself clear during “panel _no_ discussion”, but want to share my personal view on relationship between employee and employer. All these views are reflected in what and how i do in my company.

Challenges that i face while hiring people:

  • We need people with unique technical expertise that is unfortunately missing in Lithuania: HighLoad and BigData areas. Can’t find people who have experience working with Hadoop, Aerospike, Cassandra and are real craftsmen. That is why we combine our effort and look for these experts abroad and invest in educating our employees
  • We provide possibilities and expect people who want to have technical career. But a lot of people see the career in such way: trainee, junior developer, …., senior developer, project manager, manager… To change that we start changing our organizational structure from hierarchical to network and focus on value creation. Code name for that “POD structure”
  • Due to product dynamics and complexity there is not right answer to everything. We need people who come to work to think and are not waiting for directions what to do, but want to make decisions and achieve results. Mindset is key for us as product is changing very often and competition is tough. Although a lot of people come from companies where culture is a bit different and people are used to wait for directions from boss.

What we provide:

  • Complex and challenging product with tough world-wide competition. What does it mean? We must constantly look for new ideas and be flexible and agile product wise (mobile, Rich Media, RTB, DMP, …) and technically (Hadoop, Aerospike, TB of data, ..).
  • Possibilities to learn and try out new things: hackathons, unconferences, guilds, trainings, conferences
  • Great team that you can learn from and with
  • A chance to twist company from hierarchical structure to network organization

What i expect from candidates?

  • Want to do something valuable first and then expect something for that, but not vise versa.
  • Comes to work to think and take responsibility, but not waiting for directions and tasks from someone
  • Want to deliver great stuff