When and Why to fire a ScrumMaster? Part 1

I love football and realized recently that problems and challenges we face in our organizations (at least those that working in creating software products) are very similar to those that football club has.

  • Complexity: strategy, tactics, finance, human factor. Waterfall doesn’t fit well, flexibility is a key
  • Product by people: all results depend only on the team, but not machinery
  • Uncertainty: you cannot predict with 100% how your team will look like by the end of the season

football stadium

I think we can learn a lot from Football to improve our daily work. Football is a lot about management on different levels. And as you can suppose Coach (called Manager in UK) is the key role that guides the team to success. I am sure you cannot imagine world level team without the coach.

“Why do most think it’s possible in software development?”

I want to do following thing. Grab certain statements that we hear quite often in our daily work and take a look at them from Football manager perspective. To do that i need to share analogies i use in my head. Not sure if it’s 100% fit. But it’s a thinking tool, not a proven theory:

football and dev analogy

After making this analogy we can twist a question a bit, which will help to validate common statements from our daily work:

When and Why to Fire a Football Coach?

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