Scrum is incomplete

Quick thought inspired by reading Alistair’s recent post.

Framework = something incomplete, whose gaps you are supposed to fill in, but the main structure is supposed to hint where you can put what variations and where you can’t, and the result is supposed to be useful.

Professional Framework

If Scrum is a framework why are we trying to find all the answers in it? As experience shows there are no answers or 100% working examples that you can grab and use.

And it’s not possible to just copy the implementation from another company. Like it or not, but things that work in one company for some reasons do not work in another. E.g. hackathons (doesn’t work in my friends company, but works in ours) or guilds (works in Spotify according the description, but not in our company)…

Why?…Different answers might be valid: culture, management style, business domain, ….

It seems to me that only constant open discussions around described principles can help to fill in the gaps in the framework and to find implementation that fits your team.

When you ignore open discussions you are doomed as all problems will suddenly become hidden, but you will feel it…

p.s. each discussion _must_ lead to actions 😉