If you have more than 30 people in your team - organizing internal UnConference is a must!

Curious how to do it? You can read this:

So what is UnConference?

  • Participants driven even - agenda is defined and specified by crowd, not organizers. Organizers only set the theme
  • Discussions, not presentations - it’s not about pushing information, but pulling it. if you like to be a passive listener, this event is not for you

Main principles:

  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened
  • You are setting the agenda
  • Whoever comes is the right people
  • The Law of Two Feet - if you are not learning or contributing, find a place where you can do that

During unconference we had great discussions and we all have great material to work on. In addition we wanted to focus on actions very much and have a great list that we must start working upon.

Here is kick-off presentation. Please give feedback:

[iframe src=”http://prezi.com/embed/jpnxogbtttit/?bgcolor=ffffff&lock_to_path=0&autoplay=0&autohide_ctrls=0&features=undefined&disabled_features=undefined” height=”400″ width=”550″ frameborder=”0″]