What can we learn from German language?

I was just amazed by one post of ThinkPurpose about German words. One more argument to start learning this language 🙂 So, it’s not only japanese words you can use while talking about agile and improvements. I wonder if these words are used often in daily life…


“A supposed improvement that makes things worse” I wish there was such word in my language to cut doubtful improvements in one second without building long sentence.


“The ability to think clearly about many individual complex events and treat them as a whole.” That’s long sentence to explain such an important thing … It’s a biggest challenge not to forget taking a holistic view to overcome the problem of local optimizations. FingerspitzengefĂĽhl!


“An extreme specialist who only knows about their field, and doesn’t know or care about what happens around them” I bet you know such people. And there is tons of discussions about T-shaped professionals and cross functional teams.

Limiting yourself of trying to see the problem from a different angle limits possible solutions and creativity


Original link - http://thinkpurpose.com/2013/08/24/4-german-words-we-should-all-use/