You don’t need a manager

Why? Because most probably he will:

  • Work on processes, not on value creation
  • Be responsible for a certain centralized function: IT, Dev, PMO, Process Improvement department; which is not valuable without others (or just not valuable and gives overhead)
  • Try to coordinate communication among different teams
  • Have desire to push down decisions
  • Have own goals


But you need leaders who will:

  • Help to form cross-functional teams and delegate decisions to them
  • Make information transparent and easily accessible
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Focus on value creation, not process improvements
  • Build shared goals

2 thoughts on “You don’t need a manager”

  1. All people that do this can be found performing a clever and healthy actions.
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    1. but isn’t it the work of leader, not manager? because manager will try to force you quit smoking, so you would work more. And leader will care about you 🙂

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