Your team in 1 year

While I was in a ITSpring conference in Minsk I participated in interesting assignment during talk of owners. This assignment again showed me the power of visualization.

Assignment itself is very simple:

  • Draw your team/company in 1 year (in silence, not shapes but something meaningful). You have 15 minutes
  • Give your picture to a neighbor
  • Facilitator start asking simple question - what is missing on the picture? And the fun begins 🙂

These guys’ findings after doing this assignment hundreds of times are following:

  • 90% of people forget money. It means that money is not a motivator and no one cares about that?
  • If there are money on the picture it’s completely unclear where do they come from and why clients are paying

Btw, I was missing money in my picture too, you can see it below 🙂

Do you have the same findings after playing similar games?

team in a year