You don’t write better songs only because you have 1000 musicians

I have been reading a lot of news in lithuanian press recently that companies are planning to hire 150, 500, 1000 people in development during these year. This sounds very interesting. And we also have an announcement!
During this year we want to find 10 (maybe 15 if we are lucky) smart, creative and willing to learn developers, who want to help us!

Why not thousands? Because I:

  • value quality over mass production
  • hire to keep
  • want to focus on one product, but not on various projects
  • hire for attitude, not only knowledge and experience
  • know that you don’t write better songs only because you have 1000 musicians

If you are interested in helping Adform, you can contact me. Afterwards we can grab a beer and discuss things 🙂

3 thoughts on “You don’t write better songs only because you have 1000 musicians”

  1. But with a 1000 musicians you write more songs. Which increases your chances to get 1 mega hit.

    Back to developers – we can argue here 🙂 If you have fixed scope and timeframe, you will probably create a better end result with more devs (up to some point of course). Or achieve same result quicker. This is of course with an assumption, that every developer is good enough to create value and improve a product, at least marginally.

    1. from my point of view it’s very difficult to “absorb” this amount of people into a company 🙂

      1. Integrating those new people effectively is a whole different question, but it depends on the percentage of growth, not on the absolute numbers IMO. +15 people in a 5 person startup would be a disaster. +100 in a multinational with several thousands – just another day at the office. It also depends on a role -there is a difference if your hiring 100 customer service reps vs 100 junior devs 🙂

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