Done means done

When someone tries to start using Scrum inevitably there are a lot of discussions about definition of done. You will hear a lot of things starting from design documents and ending with unit tests. But it becomes very obvious what must be included into definition of done when you imagine something not related with software.

Imagine a situation that you decided to paint you room with a new color. Since you are not able to do this by yourself (it might not be a case in your situationJ) you are going to hire external specialists. So, these specialists return to you in two weeks with following output:

  • Elegant design of the room
  • Report how they planned to paint the room
  • Analysis of different colors
  • Half painted room with low quality
  • Tools scattered around

Are you going to be happy as a customer? Is this what you want? So, when you are going to have a discussion about definition of done, please take real value into account first and don’t forget the quality.

p.s. despite the common sense discussions about definition of done are always quite difficult and it is not so easy to come to a common agreement.