Retrospective of retrospectives

Each scrum master presents a hot topic for his team during the retrospective of retrospectives.
It leads to very interesting discussions and better understanding of the topic.

How do you do it in yours scrum adoption?

1 thought on “Retrospective of retrospectives”

  1. Retrospectives have my special ineretst. I see them as the focus point of improvement and learning. So I’m always keen to learn about better practices.In your post, I can follow you with the reasons you provide for your change. It’s always a great danger, that Retrospective meetings suffering from repeating equability ( Groundhog Day effect) Changing things can be a fresh weak up.On the other hand I would be scared to limit improvements to improvements some one would volunteer for solving it. Many issues and necessary improvements need to be solved by the organization itself, by the management or other departments and they are thus a natural part on the Scrum Master’s impediment list. I’d guess, your final todo-list as outcome of the Retro might be very short?

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