Great place for your ideas

If you like startups i found a must visit place for you –


  • You can turn an idea into a working service or prototype within a weekend
  • New web and mobile projects can be started with a good team and really lean budget
  • Promote entrepreneurship and startup culture in Estonia, Northern Europe and Africa
  • Teach people to work under a tough deadline – focus on core issues
  • Get to know new people from other industries, roles and countries
  • Less talk, more action and fun!

They till have room for event in Tallinn… considering to go, specially that i haven’t been to Tallin 🙂

1 thought on “Great place for your ideas”

  1. And the winner is Planify

    Discover, organize and collaborate on your travel plans with friends. Share and sell your curated travel plans and help others experience the places you know best. Mobile Application, where you can download all the travel plans and content to save roaming data costs. Team: Silver Hage, Arnis Supe, Anton Narusberg, Martin Grüner, Helen Kokk, Boriss Gubaidulin, Daniil Harik

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