Self organizing teams - Utopia

It is not possible to have self organizing team without a strong and passionate leader.
And what is even more important that he should be accepted by the team, and not the one who was “assigned” as a leader.

It is very easy to achieve teams’ self-organization when everything is clear and goes well.
But in some non-standard situations you will always observe following things:

  • Hiding behind collective responsibility
  • Pointing that he/she did something wrong or not well enough
  • Non constructive discussions
  • Highly emotional atmosphere during meetings/stand ups and etc

The Leader (you can call him a Scrum Master) must:

  • Be able (not afraid) to take the responsibility fro what is happening
  • Take everything into control and settle everything down
  • Put team back on track
  • Handle team’s and own emotions

So, i strongly believe that self organizing teams in Scrum really mean something different but i am not sure what exactly…

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