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Very interesting short article -

Quotation taken from article above
"...Since inbound links are the main criteria to generate traffic to any website, and social networking websites are providing enough backlinks to increase the visibility of the website and helps achieving positioning in top 10 search results, So it is a common belief among the top internet marketers also that SEO is going to be dead.

But there is a problem with this method of gaining backlinks, any person can open an account in social media websites without doing any real investment and then gets the authority to give feedback about any product/ service, whether he has much knowledge in that particular domain or not. Even sometimes it happens so that brand names of big companies are misused by various people through social networking websites. So if search engine will start giving much importance to these types of posts then it will surely affect their search result and in turn the user satisfaction. ... "

I would like to suggest reading this book - Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohn

Very interesting and easy to understand approach of estimating and planning software (and not only) projects. - creative specifications, code examples and recommendations for creating Flash ads

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