Product management

You can find a lot of free and not only tools for so called product management but at least i constantly face some problems using them:

- have too much features and very complicated

- difficult to integrate with already used software within the company

- software doesn’t totally address problems that you really need to solve

So i decided to try out excel to solve my problems.

I am leading integration projects in the company i am working in, as the result i have several so called product lines (for different business needs) with it’s sub-projects and own release versions.

The main problem i experience is to manage communication flows while elaborating concept of a specific feature for a specific product line and have clear understanding if features can be passed to development or not. Excel file is available here. (let me know if the link is broken and i will update it)

So, my goal is avoid missing main decisions points before moving features into development
1. Confirm concept
2. Confirm feasibility study results
3. Put (or not) on the shelve for development

Usage of this excel file is simple as 123. I open it every morning and plan my daily activities based on already achieved results and current priorities - communication with analysts, account managers, customers and etc.