SCRUM: Should we measure productivity of different Team’s ?

There is always a desire to compare productivity of different team’s. But naturally questions arise how can we do it, because Team’s might be working on different domains and they are estimating work in story points, ideal days, Fibonacci numbers and etc).
It is obvious that Story points used in one Team are not necessarily equal to other’s Team numbers, so these just can not be compared.
But when it comes to estimating in ideal days than we naturally want to compare it and it looks valuable for us 🙂
But i accidentally got into very interesting article discussing this issue.
Most of the guys there agreed on the following:

Any attempt to measure (or worse, incent according to) the productivity of different Teams is fraught with peril. It will destroy morale and lead people to game the system.

I tend to agree, but i think that Scrum Master must be responsible of preventing people trying to game the system. Because overall productivity is very important in our company when teams are working on the same product.