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I want to introduce you absolutely new service my friends started to provide on Lithuanian market - software quality assurance.
I mentioned about importance of software testing in my previous post. So i think there is no doubts that testing is key component if there is a desire to produce good software, BUT ...

There is always a BUT. There are cases that companies doesn't want to invest enough time and money in testing. I would like to highlight several reasons why this happens:

1. Software vendor has tight schedule and doesn't want to spend too much time on testing.
2. Software vendor has small testing department and there is not enough human resources for all ongoing projects.
3. There are situations that software testing is dedicated to the customer (in case of specific and unique projects), but customer doesn't have qualified testers who would be able to perform acceptance testing properly.
4. Sometimes software vendors and customers forget about software security when talking about software quality.

As the consequence of all these reasons we get unsatisfied customer and software vendors with a lot of problems.

But there is a solution for all these problems! :) You can outsource testing specialists who know their field very well and can help you - New testing vendor.

These guys provide a number of quality assurance services. The most interesting part is that they are going to provide quite new service - Ethical Hacking. It is really exiting because everyone forgets about the security during development and start talking about that only when face real security problems.

So that's it for now. I wish these guys a lot of luck

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