Are you ready for the next promotion ?

Show what you can do

Promotion isn’t just about doing what you’re paid to do. It’s not necessarily even about being the best “widget” maker you can be.
Promotion is about pushing the limits of your current position. It’s about showing that you have outgrown your current responsibilities, and that you’re ready to take on new ones.

Think about it! If you’re busy working away, producing more widgets per hour than anyone has ever produced, why should I promote you? Clearly, your value to the company is your efficiency. If I promote you, my production output may suddenly fall!

Understand your organization

To prepare for a promotion, you have to really understand the drivers of organizational success. It doesn’t necessarily mean doing more things – it means doing more of the RIGHT things.

Increase your responsibility

  • Complete your work thoroughly and with as little supervision as possible.
  • When you have questions for your boss, come prepared with solutions as well.
  • Get up-to-date, and stay current in your field.

Get innovative

  • Demonstrate critical thinking.
  • Understand the big picture, and incorporate it into your decisions and solutions.
  • Look for things that aren’t being done at all.
  • Put forward your ideas.

Set promotion goals

Just identify your goals and desires. You must know what you want to achieve.

Communicate your desire

Let people know what you want, and then proactively work to achieve it.

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  1. i think this depends on your boss or company. Not all companies are able to give you the promotion you should include the option to change the work place if your current company is not able to give you an opportunity for promotion 😉

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