Process improvement: Analysis of information

After analyzing answers that i got from experts in LinkedIn (special thanks to Will Pearce) i made following assumptions.

- First of all typically some process is being utilized by personnel in a company whether it is documented or not, so it is very important step to gather all possible information how the work is done and what activities are performed. I think we need to do that to understand what we need to improve and change.

- Another thing which is not less important is to change working culture in a company. The thing is that people are used to work here in a bit chaotic way, so I must convince everybody within a company that we have to change in order to work successfully.

Also I’ve read some interesting articles posted by Bob Lewis about processes. Those are definitely worth reading !

How to make change happen

A matter of gravity

Six Stupid process controls

So, the steps that we are going to perform:
1. Identify current activities
2. Identify key processes (the degree to which they impact company’s ability to reach desired results)
3. Identify all stakeholders
4. Document top priority processes
5. Describe process execution steps
6. Track process execution
7. Identify process improvement possibilities and implement them